The 5th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, organized by the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on November 8-13, 2011. The conference will cover a broad spectrum of technical areas related to natural language and computation. IJCNLP 2011 will include full papers, short papers, oral presentations, poster presentations, demonstrations, tutorials, and workshops.

JCNLP 2011 invites the submission of papers on original and unpublished research on all aspects of language processing and computational linguistics,including, but not limited to:

  • Phonology/morphology, tagging and chunking, and word segmentation
  • Grammar induction and development
  • Parsing algorithms and implementations
  • Mathematical linguistics and grammatical formalisms
  • Lexical and ontological semantics
  • Formal semantics and logic
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Semantic role labeling
  • Textual entailment and paraphrasing
  • Discourse, dialogue, and pragmatics
  • Language generation
  • Summarization
  • Machine translation
  • Information retrieval
  • Information extraction
  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  • Question answering
  • Text mining and natural language processing applications
  • NLP in vertical domains, such as biomedical, chemical and legal text
  • NLP on noisy unstructured text, such as email, blogs, and SMS
  • Spoken language processing
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Spoken language understanding and generation
  • Language modeling for spoken language
  • Multimodal representations and processing
  • Rich transcription and spoken information retrieval
  • Speech translation
  • Statistical and machine learning methods
  • Language modeling for text processing
  • Lexicon and ontology development
  • Treebank and corpus development
  • Evaluation methods and user studies
  • Science of annotation

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