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ID Status Title Author(s) Affiliation
3 full oral Extract Chinese Unknown Words from a Large-scale Corpus Using Morphological and Distributional Evidences Kaixu Zhang, Ruining Wang and Maosong Sun Tsinghua University
5 full poster Compression Methods by Code Mapping and Code Dividing for Chinese Dictionary Stored in a Double-Array Trie Huidan Liu, Minghua Nuo, Longlong Ma, Jian Wu and Yeping He Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
14 short oral Mining the Sentiment Expectation of Nouns Using Bootstrapping Method Miaomiao Wen and Yunfang Wu Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
15 Full Poster Automatic Transformation of the Thai Categorial Grammar Treebank to Dependency Trees Christian Rish?j, Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn and Thepchai Supnithi CST, Copenhagen University
16 full oral Enhancing Active Learning for Semantic Role Labeling via Compressed Dependency Trees Chenhua Chen, Alexis Palmer and Caroline Sporleder Saarland University
19 full oral Using Prediction from Sentential Scope to Build a Pseudo Co-Testing Learner for Event Extraction Shasha Liao and Ralph Grishman New York University
20 full poster Functional Elements and POS Categories Qiuye Zhao and Mitch Marcus Student
23 Short Oral Enhancing scarce-resource language translation through pivot combinations Marta R. Costa-juss?, Carlos Henr?quez and Rafael E. Banchs Barcelona Media Innovation Center
27 full oral A POS-based Ensemble Model for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification Rui Xia and Chengqing Zong CAS
28 Full Poster Relational Lasso —An Improved Method Using the Relations Among Features— Kotaro Kitagawa and Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
33 Full Oral Cross-domain Feature Selection for Fast, Accurate Language Identification Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin University of Melbourne/NICTA
36 full poster Sentence Subjectivity Detection with Weakly-Supervised Learning Chenghua Lin, Yulan He and Richard Everson University of Exeter
41 full poster A Cross-lingual Annotation Projection-based Self-supervision Approach for Open Information Extraction Seokhwan Kim, Minwoo Jeong and Jonghoon Lee Pohang University of Science and Technology
42 full oral Entity Disambiguation Using a Markov-Logic Network Hong-Jie Dai, Richard Tzong-Han Tsai and Wen-Lian Hsu Academia Sinica
43 Full Oral A Statistical Model for Transliteration Built on a Noisy Parallel Corpus Hassan Sajjad, Nadir Durrani, Helmut Schmid and Alexander Fraser University of Stuttgart
48 Full Poster Parse Reranking Based on Higher-Order Lexical Dependencies Zhiguo Wang and Chengqing Zong National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of
50 Full Oral Context-Sensitive Syntactic Source-Reordering by Statistical Transduction Maxim Khalilov and Khalil Simaan ILLC-UvA
53 full oral Attribute Extraction from Synthetic Web Search Queries Marius Pasca Google Inc.
58 Full Oral Transductive Minimum Error Rate Training for Statistical Machine Translation Yinggong Zhao, Shujie Liu, Yangsheng Ji and Jiajun Chen State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology at Nanjing University
60 Full Poster Improving Dependency Parsing with Fined-Grained Features Guangyou Zhou, Li Cai, Kang Liu and Jun Zhao Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
61 full oral An Empirical Study on Compositionality in Compound Nouns Siva Reddy, Diana McCarthy and Suresh Manandhar University of York, UK
63 Full Oral Transferring Syntactic Relations from English to Hindi Using Alignments on Local Word Groups Aswarth Dara and Prashanth Mannem IIIT-Hyderabad, India
64 full oral Named Entity Recognition in Chinese News Comments on the Web Xiaojun Wan, Liang Zong, Xiaojiang Huang, Tengfei Ma, Houping Jia, Yuqian Wu and Jianguo Xiao Peking University
71 Full Oral TriS: A Statistical Sentence Simplifier with Log-linear Models and Margin-based Discriminative Training Nguyen Bach, Qin Gao and Stephan Vogel CMU
74 Full Oral Identification of relations between answers with global constraints for Community-based Question Answering services Hikaru Yokono, Takaaki Hasegawa, Genichiro Kikui and Manabu Okumura Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology
76 Short Oral Exploring self training for Hindi dependency parsing Rahul Goutam and Bharat Ram Ambati Language Technologies Research Centre, International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad
79 full oral Japanese Abbreviation Expansion with Query and Clickthrough Logs Kei Uchiumi, Mamoru Komachi, Keigo Machinaga, Toshiyuki Maezawa, Toshinori Satou and Yoshinori Kobayashi Yahoo Japan Corporation
86 short oral Predicting Word Clipping with Latent Semantic Analysis Julian Brooke, Tong Wang and Graeme Hirst University of Toronto
89 full oral Training a BN-based user model for dialogue simulation with missing data St?phane Rossignol, Olivier Pietquin and Michel Ianotto SUPELEC IMS research group
90 full oral What Psycholinguists Know About Chemistry: Aligning Wiktionary and WordNet for Increased Domain Coverage Christian M. Meyer and Iryna Gurevych Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab, Technische Universit?t Darmstadt, Germany